Peter's Homepage

Hello, welcome to my webpage! I'm Peter Segat and am a freshman at BOHS.
Some of my hobbies include skateboarding and soccer.
My goals are to become an engineer and continue my soccer career.
My projects I have been working on in GITA are listed below. :)
I'm learning C#. C# is for making Windows Apps.
I'm not great at programming yet but I'm learning.

Goodbye Program

September 17th 2018

This project changes text in the label to a different language and displays that country's flag in an image when the button is pushed.

Help Page

September 20th 2018

This project creates a professional-looking help page for our previous logo.It uses buttons that change the font and color of the font.

Mailing Label

September 25th 2018

This project has a button that inputs addresses into a label when the button is pressed.

Car Rental

October 4th 2018

This project uses the customer info to create an output where the user can pick a car. It also calculates the manager total stats.

BMI Calculator

October 8th 2018

This project calculates BMI by outputing the answers through the calculate button.

Car Rental 2 (Radio Buttons)

October 16th 2018

This project allows the customer to choose a specific car and customize it. It also calculates the cost.

Test Score

October 21st 2018

This project allows the user to input two test scores and they will be calulated to display the letter grade.

Dice Game

October 25th 2018

This project allows the user to roll a dice and it displays the corresponding side. It also calculates the probability of getting each side and displays the sum of the die.

Craps Game

October 31st 2018

This is a Craps game that allows the user to play the game and it calculates the sum of the dice as well as the probability of getting each side.

Slot Machine

November 26th 2018

This project is a simulation of a slot machine that allows the user to bet $1-5 and have a bankroll of $20.

T-Shirt Shop

November 29th 2018

This project allows the user to input an order and it calculates the total cost and manager stats.

Football Bowls

January 7th 2019

This project informs the user of two college football teams schedules and their history in previous bowls.

The Fish 1

January 16th 2019

This project allows the user to press a button that moves a fish randomly to pre-determined locations and bumps the fish in order to keep it from leaving the tank and crashing.

The Fish 2D

January 29th 2019

This project makes the fish and shark move up, down, left or right. If they are in the same box, the shark will eat the fish.

N! Factorial

February 4th 2019

This project displays numbers 1 to n with sum and factorial. It also shows the fibonacci sequence using a For Loop.


February 12th 2019

This project allows the user to play a simulation of the tic-tac-toe and uses picture boxes to do so.

Basic AI Game

March 1st 2019

This project allows the user to move a character with certain keys and fire a bullet. It also has a space invader that tracks it.

Star Field

March 4th 2019

This program uses labels as "stars" and moves them diagonally by changing their left and top properties. This is a prequel to space invaders.

Mini Space Invaders

March 18th 2019

This program allows the user to move a spaceship around and space invaders move down chasing it. You can also fire bullets at the invaders and the invaders have three lives.

Capture the Flag - Final Project

June 11th 2019

This project moves around a character (Antonio Brown) and obtain the flag(football) which will be a picture box and carry it back to the player’s side of the interface. There will be two/three other bad guys(lineman) that will make the character lose health and the main character will be able to shoot a bullet that is a helmet.